Have you wonder how you cIMG_20160501_212601ould upgrade your qualification from HND Diploma to top quality Bachelors or Progression to Masters in the UK? Sometimes it could be challenging knowing the Universities that offer such progression and the recognition of your credit unit course for automatic admission to year 3 into the University

There are two ways to achieve this precisely in the UK University market;

  1. TOP UP DEGREE ROUTE; The Top Up is a year 3 placement into a UK Universities where eligible HND  graduates with either work or no work experience are placed into a final year degree course provided the program of study is consistent with degree in the UK. For example a student with a Higher National Diploma in Science Laboratory
    Technology could get final year placement into Biomedical Science final year placement. Also a mechanical engineering graduate with HND could secure admission into Maintenance Engineering final year placement.

The benefit of this degree progression are immense ranging from a quality and recognized degree to straight forward admission, remove the hassle of writing proficiency test and a visa with flexible working condition for the enrolled student.

The challenge however, the progression  has limited option as only few Universities offer these and that is important to secure assistance with professional educational consultant in academic plan in the UK. We work with numerous Universities that offer these progression which ranges from;

a) Biomedical Science

b) Maintenance Engineering

c) Nursing

d) Business Management

e) Computing

f) Mechanical Engineering

g) Creative and
Audio Technology and many more.


2) MASTER ROUTE VIA WORK EXPERIENCE; This occasionally happens when applicant have up to five years work experience but this is becoming limited due to restriction on some Universities and most time discretionary on the University reviewing the application.

3) PRE-MASTERS ROUTE; The student could do a Premaster route of 1-3 month depending on IELTS score and a few other criteria for progression. This offer the student opportunity after completion to choose from a wide range of programme in the UK depending on the education provider.

However, there are restriction on the visa and progression issues may arise if student perform poorly.


The choice of which route to pursue depend  on applicant priority of time, budget, and future plan. I hope you find this worth reading and do not say you cant study in the UK because you have a diploma anymore.

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