Earn Quality and Accredited UK Degree for Less than £2000


Crownhub Consulting partners with Online Business School to deliver world class innovative blended (online and on-site) education for young and matured students globally.

The online study affords opportunity to smart student, busy employees and employers and matured individual a platform to not only study at their own pace but also get accredited and credits award that could be transferred to most universities in the UK as academic progression thereby earning Bachelors and MBA degree.

A student with an SSCE result could have a UK Bachelors within 2 years with an approximate budget of £3500. This completely remove living expenses cost and a smart and qualitative way to have a degree.

In the same vein, a degree holder could have an MBA within 6months of academic study depending on how fast you are able to complete your module with a budget of £2500.

We currently run a 10% -tuition discount for student’s that enroll in any of our level 3 to 7 qualification. To enroll now know Click and claim the discount, using this code: online120

For further information, registration and admission, contact us;
Email: info@crownhubconsulting.org,  crownhubconsulting@gmail.com
Mobile/Whatsapp: 08068531240

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